Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Psalm 101...checklist for dads

Psalm 101:3a
"I will set No vile thing before my eyes"

From Websters: "Vile"
Loathsome; disgusting: vile language.
Unpleasant or objectionable: vile weather.
Contemptibly low in worth or account; second-rate.
Of mean or low condition.
Miserably poor and degrading; wretched: a vile existence.
Morally depraved; ignoble or wicked: a vile conspiracy.

I barely need to explain anything here. We could all just read the verse, then the definition, and spend an hour in thought.
This verse goes along with Jesus teaching that "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" What is abundant in my heart? Is it Jesus or something else? Righteousness or deceit? Do I set my sights on Unpleasant or objectionable things? Have I set my goals at contemptuously low levels, second rate, of mean or low condition? Have I convinced my children that they will only ever achieve such mean, second rate levels of success? Do I have a vision of my life or of my children's life that is poor and degrading?
Do I let things that are morally depraved, ignoble or wicked enter through my "eye gate"? It isn't easy to steer clear of these things. The intrusions are everywhere. The Internet, TV, radio, print media, music...discussions with friends?
Have those things shaped my walk and my life in front of my kids? Have I been asleep at the gate as things snuck in? Are my expectations for myself so minimal that I excuse questionable behavior? Do I lack the faith to set high, lofty goals for my daughter and do I lack the character to see to it that she gets to those goals regardless the cost?
Have I set a vile thing before my eyes?

Dear Father,
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your presence. Morgan is watching...the world is watching and needs me to be careful about this topic. Please make my spirit sensitive to what becomes input to my heart. Let the same mind be in me, that was also in Jesus Christ.

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