Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Psalm 101:7 Checklist for successful dads...cont...

Psalm 101:7 "My eyes will be on the faithful in the land, that they may dwell with me; He whose walk is blameless shall minister to me"

Websters on "Minister": To look after the needs of others"

I need to be careful about who my heroes are. Even as an adult man and a dad, there are still people who influence me and who I consider heroic and influential. I need to watch who those people are. I need to filter my view of the actions of others through the absolute truth of the Bible.
A man is known by the company he keeps. Eventually, if you spend enough time with someone, they will rub off on you. When I was in college I had team mates on the hockey team who were Canadians. By the end of the season my Philadelphia accent had morphed into Bob and Doug MacKenzie. I was saying "eh" and "oot". That's a simple example but it shows how enough time in the presence of others can and will change us.
So I need to spend my time with Godly, faithful people. And I need to do it not just as a means of promoting my business interests or gaining favor in certain social circles. What I need to do is find faithful influences regardless of who they are in the worlds eyes.
David says "He whose walk is blameless shall minister to me". David was so wise. He knew that people who go the extra step of ministering to our needs have so much more influence than those who we only know casually. If two people show up at my door for a visit and one brings a covered dish, they have a special place in my heart. If someone wants to "bless me" with a financial or tangible gift...especially in a time of need...they have a place of influence. If only by obligation.
David knew this and he advised the readers to only let "the blameless" minister to him. If someone wanted to do kindnesses to David and his house, they were going to be people of good report an blameless lifestyle, because he knew the intrinsic place of influence these folks would have.
I have to do this in my own life, especially as a dad. Am I standing firm on what I believe? Do I show my daughter an example of being with people of questionable character just to advance my own agenda? Do I let people "bless" me who maybe have their own agenda at heart?
Surround me with men and women who have your mind. Encircle me with men whose walk is blameless and who are faithful. Men who set an example of staying true to You and Your word, even in hard times. Let my daughter see an example of integrity in the people I align myself with.

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