Thursday, February 12, 2009

Psalm 101 checklist for Dads cont...

Psalm 101:3(b)-4
" The deeds of faithless men I hate, they will not cling to me. Men of perverse heart shall be far from me; I will have nothing to do with evil."
David's conclusion here is obvious. I cannot tolerate or make excuses for, faithless people. Not in a prudish or mean spirited way, but in my personal interactions that would influence me. I can't hold them in such regard that their deeds or attitudes would cling to me. I don't want Morgan to see an aspect of my life that has faithlessness clinging to it. I don't want her seeing me tolerating someone influencing my life in order to get ahead in the business world, or in social circles or in finances. What would this look like? What areas do I need faithfulness is?
-Finances: Because it honors God and sets a Godly example. This includes tithing without fail, generosity beyond the tithe, and not wasting money.
-What I watch on TV or listen to on radio. I need to be careful. I need to input more programs that build my faith. I need to "watch what I watch". Are they sneaking in little improprieties that I ignore because they are brief? Is there an agenda at work?
- I need to be faithful in integrity. Mark DeMoss was right. You have it or you don't. It's a decision, not a gene. Faithfulness to Jesus will yield integrity
Little things like your phone ringing and your wife asking "are you here?" before answering. Cheating on your taxes (unless appointed to a cabinet position in the Obama presidency) or not telling the cashier they miscalculated your bill and you owe them money. During a time when my ex wife and her husband were being particularly contrary towards me, I was saying bedtime prayers with Morgan and I prayed for them. Morgan stopped right there and said "You are praying for Mommy and Jeff?..They are being so mean to you". I told them that we always pray for people...even those who mistreat us. She was amazed and very impressed with her daddy. One of my major issues is how impatient I am behind the wheel. I detest bad, inattentive drivers. I can easily let it get out of hand. I don't get doesn't descend into road rage...but even what I mutter under my breath needs to be filtered. Is this the example of faith I want Morgan to see? This seems daunting but it's so necessary. I only get one chance to live my faith before her eyes. I only have a few short years to influence her for God and to instill integrity. I only get one chance to be a heroic, faithful, Godly man. Here is a very direct, abrupt, and possibly chilling way to put it, men...The man I am is very likely to be the man my sons will become, and the man my daughters will marry.
When you think about it in those terms it is easy to understand why it matters so much.
I don't know about you...but I have work to do!
Dear Father God...I need to be faithful in all my ways, but I am so unable to do that, when I try in my own strength. I need your help and your filling with your Spirit. Then I can be the man you have asked me...commanded me to be.
Help me yield to you and let your attitudes and integiry fill me. Help me be a man of God and a dad that makes a difference.

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