Monday, January 16, 2012

You are not Alone...

The hit counter on this blog has been steadily growing. More and more dads are looking for someone...for lean on and help them get through this awful and lonely process. I read the search words that some of you guys are using when you come across this blog and it breaks my heart. Phrases like "Dad misses his kids" "Daughters cries about my divorce" "Dad crying because he misses his kids". Not all of us ran off with our secretary and left our children behind. Thats just a stereotype from a long forgotten age.
I want you to know you aren't alone. I hear you. I can almost hear your voices and see your tears in the darkest nights when you miss your kids...when the house seems enormous and empty...when there seems like no reason to even go home after work because the people you love aren't there. I endured that for years. There is hope are not alone!
This afternoon I began discussions with one of several outlets where this ministry will be able to be put to work amongst groups of men who desperately need each other.
Nobody told us how this was going to hurt. We weren't prepared for this. That is why I write this blog and that is what the radio show will be about.
You Dads who have come across this blog because your heart is broken and you were needing a comforting voice in the wolf have found a home here. Jesus said "I will never leave you nor will I abandon you" He meant it.
As best I can...I will do the same for you all. Please...leave a comment. Open your hearts. Go back and read the archives. Great comfort and joy is still possible. The best is still are not alone!
Please help spread the word. Share this blog on Twitter and FB. Tell some friends. tell your minister and ask him to consider starting a support group for dads like you. Stay tuned...more info about the radio show is coming very soon.

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