Friday, January 13, 2012


Hey fellas...
I wrote this almost three years ago. I stumbled upon it today on one of my other blogs. It's something that never goes out of season. There is a dual lesson here for us. Our fatherhood is...or should be...a model of the loving Fatherhood of God in our lives. Let's try to aim for that...regardless of the situation our divorce left us in.

Walking this morning in the mid 20's chill and thinking as I always do.
I have a lot on my mind these days. I don't know of anyone at all who isn't effected by this economy and I am no different.
I have a lot of things weighing on me and I have a terrible problem of not going to God with them. I hold them inside and worry myself into an ulcer...or at least serious reflux.
Why do I still hold God at arm's length when I could so easily open my heart to Him and "Cast my cares and anxieties on Him because He cares for me"? (1 Peter 5:7) Listen to the LITV (Literal Translation of the Holy Bible) "casting all your anxiety onto Him, because it matters to Him concerning you" It matters to Him concerning you. If I could only grasp the depth of that! The things that make me anxious or concerned matter to Him...because they matter to me! That is how a daddy loves! My daughter has about a million irons in her fires and is going in about a million directions at once. The blessing of a very intelligent mind and a vivid imagination and a huge dose of artistic creativity has rendered a child who sees everything around her as a story to write, a song to sing, a picture to draw and something to ponder deeply. As a dad, there is nothing in her world that is so small or seemingly unimportant that I don't want to know about and involve myself in if she needs me to. In fact, if she ever feels like there is a problem too small or bothersome to bring to me...I will feel like a failure as a dad. I want to be the first one she thinks of when she has something on her mind and needs to sort it out.
This morning God showed me that He is no different. Peter tells us to cast all our cares on Him...not just the big ones, or the ones left over after we figure out our own way. God is hurt when we don't come to Him with our hopes and dreams and wishes and troubles. That's what dad's do! The Father heart is a deep ocean. It's a gifting that not everyone has, but rest assured...your Heavenly Father has it. In fact it originated with Him.
I have determined to go to Him first with everything, instead of last...with what's left. It makes Him happy to come to my aid and listen to the cares of my heart and give Him the chance to show His "daddy-ness"
These are trying times...your Father has the answers...the hard part is asking, but only because we make it hard.

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Sage said...

I know one day your heart will be open to a new happiness.Please stay strong.Im going through the same situation,although my children are older.
It hurts to read these blogs, to see how many are in pain,
We just have to have hope and our hearts will heal in time.