Saturday, July 4, 2009

News you can use

Hey guys, thought I'd use this opportunity to bring you up to speed on some of whats happening here.
Despite the fact that I have a new book out, and I've been spending a lot of time with promotions and planning for it, this ministry amongst divorced men continues to grow. God continues to bring men across my path who need a voice for their pain, and a well to drink from in the midst of their journey. I haven't retreated from that aspect of ministry, but my focus has been on the new book because the topic is pretty specific and won't have an enormous shelf life.
I thought I'd take a few moments here to let you regulars in on some of whats happening here. My website has been up and running for some time. The address has changed to which goes hand in hand with the ministry name I selected. I didn't like the sound of "Craig Daliessio Ministries" because it sounds quite Carman, or something. And it doesn't capture vision of what my life and ministry is about. That would be the expression of the Man of No Reputation, as Paul explains him in Philippians 2:5-8, and as I came to know him during four months of homelessness. So if you ever need more info that you find here on this blog, use the website This blog will eventually morphed into a true forum setup on the website. Forums are a lot more interactive, and that is what I am seeking; input from other guys in this position. Talking brings healing. Leaving comments doesn't engender the kind of interaction I am seeking here.
The book will undergo a major revision at some point this year. The content as it is written will mostly be unchanged but there are a few chapters I need to add. Topics I am adding are concerning resuming life after healing has begun, (issues like finally accepting the divorce...and you guys know exactly what I mean when I say that...resuming a social life and otherwise...and a big chapter on the value of forgiveness. God is doing miracles right now in my heart and the heart of my ex wife because of the power of forgiveness. There is a lot to that story that I will share in coming weeks.
So be patient and hang in there men. I am fine tuning this ministry so that we can reach more guys like us. Enjoy your summer and walk in the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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