Thursday, July 9, 2009

Newspaper article about Craig!

Hi folks...
Two weeks ago I sat down with Nancy Mueller of the Tennessean's "Williamson AM" division for a very nice, and very emotional interview about my new book, the collapse of the mortgage industry, being a homeless dad, and living in a Volvo.
Nancy is a gracious and kind lady and it was an emotional interview for her as well as for me. (Thanks again Nancy and Shelly)
For those of you in Williamson County you can find the story on Friday 7/10 in the Tennessean. For those of you outside of Williamson County, and around the world...the story will also run on for about a week or so. If you go to the site just search "Nancy Mueller" on the site search, or click on the "counties" bar of the search menu and scroll over to "Williamson" and you will find it.
If you are a regular reader of this blog or my other blog, please help me spread the word by (1) buying several copies of the paper and sharing the story with friends, especially your pastors or anyone who does homeless ministry. (2) forward the web link to everyone on your address list, again, especially your pastor or minister. This is the best way to spread the news and hopefully garner interest in having me speak to churches or groups. (3) forward the link to your own local paper and ask them to consider running it themselves or better yet, contacting me for an interview of their own.
Also...if you enjoy the article, please drop Nancy an email and thank her as a friend of mine. She took the chance and was the very first media person to interview me and let me tell my story. He email address will appear at the end of the article.
Thanks to all!

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