Monday, March 2, 2009

SDC announcements

Hey gang...a few updates to share with you all
First...thank you, from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have written or emailed or commented here telling me how the book has helped. I am very excited about how God is using this book to help and heal.
On that note, here are some important upcoming items of interest.
The book is going to undergo a slight revision. There are a few small items I am going to remove and actually quite a bit I am going to add to the content. In my discussions with folks as they've read it and here on the blog, God has shown me a few more areas that could stand to be addressed before I make the move to an ISBN number and worldwide distribution via Borders, Amazon et al. I'm not changing the content or the tone too much, more like just fine tuning it and there were one or two areas that I decided made this sound too much like an autobiography and not enough about an all-inclusive story.
On another very exciting number two is done! At least the first draft. The title is "Nowhere To lay His Head" and I am sending out pdf's for proofreading tomorrow. I expect to have it ready for sale on LULU by next week if all goes well and I can get the cover shoot lined up. I's about my story of homelessness as it relates to the mortgage meltdown...and more importantly what I learned about Jesus' own homelessness. It was life changing just writing it and I hope it will be that to readers as well.
Several men have suggested a daily devotional book for divorced dads or divorced folks in general and I am seriously putting that into planning stage as well as a companion workbook for SDC. Those are likely "next year" projects.
Your prayers are always appreciated as well as your insight and comments here or on my site at
Thanks to everyone!

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