Monday, March 23, 2009

Special moments...

These are tough times indeed. I see folks losing their jobs and their homes and their livelihoods all around. When you have young children, you want to shield them from this as much as possible. But how? What can we do to resist the downward spiral we see around us and instill faith in our children? There is only one possible answer...the eternal. Last Wednesday evening, we had our monthly prayer service at church. The children's classes also met and taught on prayer and they had small group prayer with the kids. ('s a special place!) My daughter was telling me about her experience after the service. She said she was praying for her dear friend Shirley and that she felt God "take over" her prayer. She said only the first five words or so, came from her mind, the rest were the Holy Spirit praying through her. It was English, it was intelligible, and it was a wonderful experience for my daughter to have. She said she prayed in a way she never had before. It felt very forceful to her and very effective. That is a moment that no economy can steal. That will stay with her and keep her grounded more than anything I can do in my own strength. Forgive me if it sounds haughty...My remaining consistent in her life, and remaining a consistent force for her spiritual growth, created a door of opportunity for an event like this. I didn't do anything except be obedient to God's commands to bring up a child with the knowledge of the right path, and I remained on the job when quitting was an enticing option. God did the miracle.
Hang in there dads. These are tough days but God honors committed dads.

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