Thursday, January 15, 2009

Look for Hope and pass it on...

Hey are we this morning?
Writing specifically to those dads amongst us who have been divorced for a while now and have begun to find some hope in the middle of it. Tuesday night in a series of unlikely turns I can only attribute to God working his will, I found myself in a conversation with a guy who had a friend in dire need of reading my book. The man in question is the ex husband in a very high profile divorce. Very high profile. If I dropped the names you'd know for sure. The guy I was talking to knows the guy very well and they are good friends. He related to me how his friend was so deeply wounded by the vicious attack of his ex wife and her legal posse. To get what they wanted and still try to come out looking like the victim, they left nothing untried.
Under all the anger and bitterness that this guy felt on behalf of his friend there was this nugget of truth. During the conversation he mentioned how deeply wounded the guy is and how much he loved his wife. He misses her still, he will always love her because she is the mother of their children. She was the only woman he'd ever asked to marry and he planned a lifetime of dreams to be shared only with her. Now she is gone, his fatherhood is restricted, and his heart is broken.
The man I was talking to asked me if he could have a copy of my book to give to the guy. I gladly agree and happened to have one with me. I hope this man reads it and finds some measure of healing. I want him to find the hope I found after so many years of pain and terrible wounding. God walked with me every step of the way, even when I didn't think he was there and even...especially...when I tried to run Him off with my angry outbursts and screams of hatred. The hope He granted me was a gift to an unwilling recipient. I need to pass it on.
So do you.
If you know a guy going through a divorce, then you are the one man who knows exactly how he feels. You are the one man who gets it when others only think they do. You are the one man who knows how much he lost and so would never say something as stupid as "get over it". You are the lifeline that God wants to throw him. Look for your hope, and when you've found it...pass it on. Nobody recognizes the cries of that kind of drowning man, like a man rescued from drowning.

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