Sunday, June 16, 2013

My BEST Father's Day ever... best Father's Day ever is a tie between the very first one in June 1998 when I took Morgan to church that Sunday at Oak Hill Assembly. It felt really cool to be one of the guys standing when Pastor Steve Allen recognized the dads. But the Father's Day that told me I was doing it right was actually the Friday before Father's Day in 2001. Morgan was 3. The daycare she went to did a "Donut with Dad" on the Friday before Father's Day each year. This would be my first one because the previous two years she wasn't in daycare. They gave us a coffee mug and a picture and the one gift I treasured and still have to this's a laminated survey sheet. They asked the kids some questions and the teachers would write down the matter how silly, or unusual: Here is Morgan's Q and A for Father's day 2001:

My dad is ______ year old. Her answer…7.

(This is old when you are four!)

My dad is _______ feet tall. Her answer…10

My dad weighs about _________ pounds. 446

My dad likes to watch____. Race cars and News

I like it when my dad________. Chops food

(I am a gourmet cook and Morgan has always

been fascinated to watch me working in the


My daddy always tells me_____ He loves me.

It was this last question that made me cry right there in the daycare. Of all the things that popped into her little mind when asked what she most often hears me say, she answered "He Loves Me" I've tried to never go a day without telling her that and I think I've done a pretty good job keeping up with that goal. I've never heard those words from my dad. Not ever. I know it would have made a huge difference. More than money, more than applause or recognition for achievement. These last five years have been a grind I cannot fully explain. But never once did Morgan doubt my love for her. I think her life shows it. There is something about your dad telling you he loves you. Even if it's only once or twice.

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