Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big show this week!

Are you a dad who depends on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter or Skype to connect with your kids? If so this show is especially for YOU! This week I welcome Curt Livesay who is in the final stages of research for a Doctoral thesis on this exact subject. Is social media a valuable tool or a cheap substitute for real connection? Is there a danger that judges will see social media parenting as an acceptable means of parenting from a distance and begin permitting custodial spouses to move to distant towns? Is social media parenting a trend and a threat? If you are a dad who uses this medium, please dont miss this episode. We want to talk to YOU! Call us Sunday night at 9PM DadMatters!


Anonymous said...

Craig - you should mention the timezone for your show. I assume Nashville time 9pm CST?

I was going to share but realized the time may actually be 10pm EST for the target of my email.

nick reichenbach

CraigD2599 said...

Thanks Nick! The show is 9PM CENTRAL TIME!!