Monday, March 26, 2012

Being a Hero...

In my lifetime I've had a wide-ranging set of heroes. Musician's, athletes, doctors, Presidents, astronauts, soldiers. Heroes come and go, I suppose, dependent on where you are at the moment.
My daughter has had hers as well. Singers she admired, authors and artists, for a while she was on a kick where she was enamored with classical composers of all sorts.
But the one hero she has had that has been constant has
It's not that I'm a larger-than-life figure or anyone over-the-top special.It's just that I remained. I've stayed in her life through a terrible post-divorce life marked by a career loss, homelessness, humiliating defeats and disappointments and broken dreams. There were a lot of promises that wound up on hold because of the losses we encountered these past five years. A lot. But I remained in her life because that's what Daddies do. They keep their word. They stay, when the whole world leaves. They are there at every recital and play and art show. They don't miss a weekend visitation or a nightly phone call. They take a day every week or so and stop by to have lunch at school because, even if she's more adult than little girl now, and even if she acts a bit like she doesn't like you being there...she likes it when your there. The same for your sons. They get older and you think they are "too cool" for hugging but that's when you should hug them more because they still need to feel your embrace. Especially us divorced dads. Men, don't ever let your children begin to process the time apart as distance apart. Time is one thing but distance is quite another. Let them know that they are always...always in your heart. You are constantly thinking of them. You love them more than ever. Be a man of prayer and tell them you are praying for them. Pray with them every chance you get. Learn what is really on their hearts and let them hear you praying about that.
You are never not the dad!
If you do the job the way you should do the job, you'll be their one remaining and enduring hero.

Strengthening What Remains,

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