Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blessing number 2...Recognition

Jesus has just been baptized by John. As he comes up out of the water, the Holy Spirit descends on Him and then a voice is heard. The voice is his Father God and He pronounces the next 4 blessings on His son in two short sentences.
In those sentences we find the essence of all the blessings we desire from our earthly father...and our Heavenly Father. The voice says "This is my Son, whom I love. I am very pleased with Him"
There are four blessings at work here and we will look at each one individually.
Today's is the blessing of recognition.
God said "This is my Son..." my Son! Here is what that means in picture form. You just hit a winning home run in little league. You are ecstatic. You can't believe you just hit a ball over that fence. You are in your home-run trot and as you are rounding third heading for home your team mates are all there cheering and waiting to celebrate and slap you on the back. In the midst of all that glorious commotion a voice booms over everyone else..."That's my BOY!!"
Or imagine you are a little girl in your first piano recital and as you finish your last song and the audience applauds politely, the tall handsome figure of your daddy comes out out the shadows created by the stage lights and he is beaming. He carries a dozen roses and he hands them to you and holds your hand as you walk off the stage and up the aisle to your seat. As you walk together, your daddy leans over and in a voice loud enough for those around you to hear it he says "That was wonderful sweetheart! That's my girl! You were amazing!"
That is the image portrayed here.
Jesus had just officially launched his ministry and had been baptized in order to be obedient to the will of his Father. His Father's response was to verbally exclaim His love and recognition of his son.
"This is my son!" You are my child. I see you, I claim you as my child. I want the world to know you are mine. I am very proud to be your dad."
Dad's...make no mistake, every child seeks this affirmation. I assure you, as a man who has literally had questions to answer about his own lineage, recognition as a son or daughter is crucial. Knowing that your dad is proud to be your dad, that he is proud of you, not for anything you did but just for being his child, is elemental.
We seek it, we need it. Our kids need it.
Jesus' earthly ministry began with His father declaring his sonship and doing it in a manner that left no doubt as to how much he loved being his Father. How about you? Do you ever tell your kids that you are blessed to be their dad. That it is a privilege? That you consider it the best thing God ever did for you? Do they know how full your heart is when you see them coming to meet you when you get home at night or when you see their car pull up after school? Do they know their position in the family and what it means to be a son or daughter of yours?
Discovering our value as sons and daughters begins with being recognized by our fathers. Being declared his children. As Floyd McClung wrote in his classic little book "The Father Heart of God", we all transfer onto God the feelings we have for our fathers. If we are afraid of them we fear God. If our dad's were harsh and unapproachable, we seldom become people of prayer. If our earthly fathers didn't recognize us as their sons or daughters we grow into Christians who are never quite sure of their standing as children of God. What rights do I have? What blessings does He want to give me?
Dad's do your kids know hat they are the center of your world? Do they feel celebrated? Do they know what being your son or daughter means. Are you building an impenetrable wall of confidence around them with your open, pubic, bold, proud declaration of their position as your child?
Have you blessed your child with the blessing of recognition?

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