Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blessing 5..."Just Because You Are My Son"

Jesus has been baptized even though he didn't need it. He has seen heaven open, His father poured out His Holy Spirit in a demonstration that all the power He possesses is behind Jesus fully. He heard the voice of His Father proclaiming his position as Son, then declaring his approval as beloved or "you make me happy". He has heard his Father tell the world He loves Him. And all of those things happened before Jesus had begun doing any earthly ministry whatsoever. Before he had one follower.
Jesus had spent the first 30 years of his life in his father Joseph's carpenter shop. Jesus had done nothing to earn the 4 blessings he had just received. They were His by birthright. And that, is the fifth blessing. The culmination of the four, viewed through the knowledge that they came not as a result of bootstrap pulling, endless good works, a monastic lifestyle, or helping old ladies across the street. They came simply because Jesus was God's son!
That is the essence of what all truly great dad's give their children.
Sure, sometimes we hold a carrot out for our kids to get a better grade in math or do well in the violin recital, but the reality is we dote on our kids and love them and heap praise on them and bless them because we love them. We love them simply because they are our children. That's all the reason a great dad needs.
That's all the reason God needs. At the creation of the world, He was already hanging stars in the sky as a reminder of his promise to Abraham, and He hung a star for me as a reminder that I would be part of His amazing plan. When I see a starry field I can remind myself that I am up there somewhere. He has counted them and He named them one by one. He did this because he keeps promises. He promised a Spirit of Adoption and he delivered that too. I am as much a son of His now as Jesus is. I am the son He can't wait to see. His full power is for me and for my cause. He has pronounced his affections for me and announced my sonship. He loves me and I make him happy. And He has done all this for no other reason than He loves me. He doesn't love me for anything I bring to the table, He doesn't love me for my potential. He just loves me.
Just like all great dad's do.
This fathers day, if you missed having this kind of dad growing up, remember hat you do have a Father who loves you. Your Father in heaven. He is all that you hoped your earthly dad could be but was not. He is more than that. You are the apple of His eye and He has pronounced his blessing on you.
You make Him Happy!

Happy Father's day...be blessed

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