Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Every once in a While

(duplicated from my other blog...it's important)

Hey everyone...it's been a while.
I have been busy building chicken coops, cleaning pools, cutting grass. Pretty much anything to earn a dollar. I went home last week for some meetings and to go to the Italian Festival with my daughter. While we were there...God showed up in a simple yet profound way...let me explain.
Saturday afternoon, Morgan and I went to get dinner for ourselves and have a few minutes together. A week of hanging with her cousins didn't allow for much Daddy time and I was jealous.
We were pulling out of the shopping center...Capriotti's hoagie in hand...and we saw a homeless man holding up a sign and asking for help. You know the drill. Given where I've been, I can't drive past when I have the ability to help, even if it's a dollar and a kind word. The light changed before I could get my wallet out and for a second I thought about blowing it off and heading back to Tom's house. But God wouldn't let me and I instantly found out why. I told Morgan; "I need to go back and help that man" and I asked her if she minded and she said no. I was digging out my wallet and didn't notice her reaching into her pocket. she tapped me on the arm and handed me a small wad of cash. She had gotten $50 for her birthday and she had $42 left and she handed me all of it. I asked her what she was doing and she said she wanted to help the man. She hadn't even counted it...all that occurred to her was to give him everything she had. I was moved to tears right there in front of her. I couldn't even find words at first. I finally told her that I loved the way she was so unselfish about someone elses troubles and how God would bless her for her willingness to give everything she had. I compromised with her and let her add the $2 to the $10 I was going to give him. It was all I could do to speak. We drove back to the shopping center and pulled into the line and I signalled him to come over to our car. I handed him the $12 and told him I'd been where he is and I asked him his name and said it out loud back to him. (read my new book to find out why I did that...it matters) and he smiled and I told him God loves him deeply and this money was form Him, not me. He smiled and thanked us and we drove off.
And i have never been so proud as I was that afternoon. I have always been proud of my daughter but that day...she blew me away with her love and her Christ likeness.
I am a blessed man to be her dad. I'm glad God gave me the strength to hang in there, and not just bail out on her when things were tough. I hope God says the same about my faithfulness. There is no telling what God is going to do to the $40 she still has...

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