Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's written all over your face...

I read a book about 15 years ago entitled "Tender Warrior", by Stu Weber.
There was a wonderful quote in this book and I wish I could remember it verbatim. The gist was "A father lends stability in a time of insanity, peace in a storm, comfort in the midst of sadness, and calm in the midst of chaos", or words to that effect.
With all that has happened in our life, and all that is happening in the world these days, my daughter is watching to see how I handle it. God's hierarchy is that I get filled from Him first and then His abundance of grace overflows from out of my life and spills over onto those around me, beginning with my family.
I have recently been learning the vital importance of spending substantial time in the presence of God asking for His filling, indwelling, grace, mercy, truth, and above all...wisdom. This is a crazy time and our lives have been greatly up heaved. Morgan needs to see her daddy calm and trusting in his Savior and Lord. If she sees me calm and enduring, she will feel secure and safe and she will trust in Him. I have to model that faith for her so that she will reproduce it in her own heart and be at peace. she is only 10, and I want her to be free to remain a ten year old and not have "grown=up" worries. I can only do this by preparing my heart by being filled to overflowing in the presence of Jesus. Moses...the peace and strength of God will be "written all over my face"

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