Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Season is Upon Us...

Hello Dads...
It's very early in the morning here in Nashville as I write this.
I have been praying for you guys...the ones I know by name and the ones I do not. We are coming upon probably the hardest time for divorced dads (and for moms) of the whole year. The Holidays are tough, because even if we have a great relationship with our ex and even if we see our kids a good portion of the's not the Holiday we always pictured it being. I understand this all too well. I will only tell you that we all need to remember to keep the Holidays about what they are about...our children and the One Child around whom history revolves. Jesus
Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year and as that is the weekly air date for my radio show "Sometimes Daddies Cry" I am seriously considering going ahead with the show. I will be home in Philadelphia for Christmas, as I always am, I will have my daughter with me, and I certainly can find an hour that evening to go on the air. I was thinking of this yesterday and thought that maybe it would be a comforting voice on a tough night for someone. So as of right now it's still undecided but I am leaning that way.
I also want to let you know about my new book; "A Ragamuffin Christmas" which will be released this coming week by Liberty University Press. It is a fictional account of visitors to the Nativity on the night Jesus was born, and how they interact to the baby. It's my first fiction and a book I am very proud of. I will post the Amazon / Barnes and Noble links as soon as they are active. You can also purchase a signed copy directly from me. There will be a link for that as well in a few days.
I am seeking ways to make time to write here more often. I know many of you can't set aside an hour to listen to the show and this is an easier format as far as flexibility goes. I am really wanting to get to a point where I can afford the time to write at least 3-4 entries a week here. I am also revising the original book "Sometimes Daddies Cry...what a dad really feels about divorce." Hopefully for a Spring release.
I want to remind you guys that you have a special place in my heart. I really believe God brought me through my divorce and allowed that pain so that I could become a voice for men like me. I am not saying...nor would I ever say...that God caused my divorce. But God knew it was going to happen and He permitted it so that he could reshape me into a minister of His grace to dads like us. I hope He is pleased with the results thus far.
Be strong, dads...never give up on your precious children. When I was homeless, living in a car and broken and battered, my daughter took great comfort in knowing that I never gave up and just skulked out of town. I endured the shame and embarrassment and crushing humiliation of homelessness and the growing worry of not finding work and I stayed in her life as best I could. It brought her a little bit of comfort and security knowing that her daddy was still in the area. I know this life of ours is heartbreaking and friendless. But your kids see the effort you are putting out...or not putting out. And they will remember it and love you for it.
Remember the real reason we celebrate the upcoming season. Because God became a dad like us, with a child like ours, from whom He was separated...much like we are. While Jesus was here on earth, He was not in his rightful place in Heaven and I have wondered if His Father missed his presence. we do.
Remember that God endured this loneliness for you. Because of His love for you. Do not forget that in the midst of crushing pain there is healing hope.
Let's go into the Season of Advent and Christmas with expectation  hoping for a mystical moment when God shows Himself to us in a special and personal way.
And let's make a memorable and wonderful Christmas season for our kids.
Your Brother,

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