Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Hourglass

Remember that scene in "The Wizard of Oz" where the Witch has had enough of Dorothy escaping her schemes and she turns over a giant hourglass and tells Dorothy she has until the sands run out to give her the ruby slippers or she'll kill her family?
Remember how Dorothy tries to turn over the hourglass but no matter which way it's pointing, the sands keep running out?
That's life for a divorced dad.
I just got back from the grocery store and while I was there I saw a dad come in with his little daughter in tow. She looked to be no more than three and had beautiful curly blond hair. She was walking along three steps to his one and smiling broadly. Morgan used to do that.
Now she comes up to my shoulder and often prefers to be with her friends than with her dad.
That's how it goes I moves forward but when your time is so limited anyway, it feels like everything moves at double speed.
No matter how I turn the hourglass I can't stop the sands of time from escaping.
I'm a big, strong man...but I'm not that strong.
Today I watched this little girl having a blast just being with her dad and it made me literally swim in memories of when that picture was my own life. I had to duck down an empty aisle and hide my eyes because the waterworks were very close. Most times I can hide the emotions that rise up when I think about the years racing by and my daughter growing up, but sometimes I can't.
I'm a big, strong man...but not that strong.
Treasure every second, Dads. Make memories because you aren't just making them for your're making them for you, for those lonely days and nights when your kids are older and being with dad isn't as cool as it once was. Remembering is a good way of reminding yourself that you did the job well.

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Shawn said...

I hear ya, Craig. We all feel it. Blink and visitation is over. Blink twice and the kids are grown. Give every moment you have with your kids all you can give, those moments will carry you AND them thru the rough times apart!

James said...

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Thinking about divorce said...

My dad went through this recently, but with time things come around and now he is seeing a lovely young lady! I totally agree with Shawn, just steady the course and you'll get through the storm!