Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A poem for my daughter...

For Morgan...

What could I give you, to show that I care?
To open my heart and show what's in there.
How can I tell you with more than mere words
How I'm wrapped 'round your finger with invisible chords
And what can I show you that you haven't seen
That displays how I love you and all that you mean

If you run to the desert I would follow you there
Or climb the tall mountains to breathe the clear air
If you sailed cross the oceans to far away lands
To find worlds that you'll conquer
With your own two hands

Dream your best dreams, don't leave anything out
For your hopes and your dreams are what I am about
Look to the future to see where you will go
If you stand on my shoulders, you will get there...I know
If the road is dark, I'll set it alight
And I'll always keep watch for you all through the night

What would I tell you that would help you along
I'd tell you your gift is your heart and your song
I'd tell you again what I've told you before
As much as I've loved you there is One who loves you more
I would tell you to walk with His love as your guide
And trust in His voice as it echoes inside
What message I'd leave you, what lesson instill
It would be that I love you
And I always will

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