Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey dads...
I am crushed with the workload for my final month before graduation. I apologize for the long gaps without any entries. I am praying for you men and I hope you'll take the time to scan back through previous posts or listen to podcasts of the radio show until I am back here again regularly. In the meantime, please check out my chronicle of the final month of my journey toward my long overdue Bachelors of Religion from Liberty University. I'm writing it daily on my other blog Check it out and be inspired.
Thanks dads...we'll be back soon

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Chris G. / Bel Air, MD said...

Thank you always for the comfort factor of your page and blog, Craig. I look forward to your shows and coming home on a Sunday night is always hard knowing I have twelve days to wait again with my 5 year old daughter. But I pray for strength and also pray for her safety as you do. God bless.

--Chris G.