Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Battle Scars of a Daddy

Your eyes are red from the tears you cry, that nobody sees.
Your knees are worn from the hours you spend in prayer for the precious children you love.
Your ears are strained from listening for the sounds that your children make. Laughter, shock, sometimes fear, and the always wonderful "I love you Daddy".
Your hands are worn from the work you do to take care of those you love.
Your back is bent from the weight a man carries who has children in this world. But it's "straight as a sawlog" (Thank you Pastor Paul Walters!) because you will never waiver under the burden of doing what you have to do for them.
Your mind is whirling from the constant thinking and planning and hoping and dreaming. The constant observing to spot trouble before it pounces. And your mind is full of memories that get you through those long days between seeing your children.
Your face gets sore from the smiles they bring.
Your soul is racing with the dreams you dream for them, and the hopes you have for them, the fears that make you sleepless, and the strength that tells you that you are bigger than whatever comes their way.
Your heart is broken as they grow, warmed as they love you, saddened when you think of the time when they'll fly on their own, and...hopefully...at peace when they become who and what God placed them here to become. Because ultimately...He is their Father.

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