Saturday, November 20, 2010

Loving your kids...

I'm watching dear friend go through the hell of divorce right now. Normally this is a pro-dad blog but the topic is universal. Using your kids to hurt your ex.
My friend is in the midst of a long drawn out painful divorce and I am watching as her husband is using the children to hurt his wife. Something we've seen far to frequently. Introducing new women into their world, (or men if we are talking about the women) being unflexing jackasses about visitation times. Limiting phone calls.
The best interest of the kids aren't even on the radar...the pain in the heart of the other party is. How anyone can say they love their children and then do this sort of thing is beyond me.
Guys...I write this for men so I will speak from the man angle here. Don't do this! Whatever you do in your interaction with your ex, where your kids are concerned, only do what is good for them. Leave your desire to draw blood and extract vengeance someplace where your kids can't see it.
They are really all that matters,

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Anonymous said...

Craig... This is so true! Also, getting your kids to conspire to keep you from running into your spouse is on the same level... as far as I am concerned! This happened to me after my divorce! I was confronted FULL FORCE when I saw how hard they worked to keep us from being in the same vicinity of each other. It made me work all that much harder to make certain that show the same kindness to my ex that my Savior has showed to me> There is a time to lay down the machette!!!!