Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's been far too long since I worte anything here. Life has been hectic and I have not had the time or the energy to write. But I penned an entry on the shinny and shavings blog this morning and felt revitalized. I love writing and I missed doing this. So hopefully, between interviews for the book, schoolwork that threatens to swallow me alive, and traveling home this week to spend the weekend with Morgan, I will resume regular posts here.
Today I want to say a word or two about priorities. What really matters? What will remain when I am gone and my books are dust? The one and only measure of my manhood is my fatherhood. Period. My daughter is the ten talents God has given me. I simply HAVE to return him a better person than he blessed me with in the beginning. I could sell a million books but I am a failure if I lose my daughter. She has to know...every single day...that I love her, that she is the single most important thing in my world, and that no burden is too heavy and no job too hard that I wouldn't do it for her if need be. She has to KNOW in her soul that her daddy loves her. She has to know it so deeply and so securely that it doesn't even occur to her to question it. That isn't done with's done with time and love and investing myself in what SHE loves. Not dragging her along to something only I care about.
So Thursday I will drive that arduous drive back to Tennessee for 3 days and spend it with her, then turn around and come right back here again for another 10 days of media work. I need to sell books to take care of her...I know that. But I need to be a daddy first, before I am anything else.
Or else I am nothing at all.

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tami said...

if only all daughters had dads who felt this way...excellent -thanks.