Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Caveman Chronicles...

I have decided to run this new series on both blogs because I think it will be good for both audiences...
Hey gang... long time no see.
It's been a long summer and not a very good one. In some ways I am glad it's over. Two disappointing summers in a row now and I am only anticipating next summer mildly at the moment. The economy is still awful and I have just plain given up on the mortgage business. The bright spot...and for me it is very bright indeed...is that making no money last year entitled me to a large grant from the government so I have returned to college. I am once again, a Liberty University student through their online program. Converting my degree to a Bachelors in Religion. I will graduate in October of next year and will stay in the program through May of 2011 and walk with that class with a Masters of Theological Studies. The goal is to latch onto a teaching gig at a local Christian School here or maybe a teaching position at a college in town. My summers would still be free for Morgan and I could pursue writing and at least have a base salary and some benefits. Actually I think I will enjoy teaching quite a bit.
Now...The Caveman Chronicles
This is going to be a long running series of posts. I haven't set a time limit but I can see this going on every day for a month or more. Today I will set the backdrop.
Last week...Wednesday to be exact...I met a guy here in Franklin. He is a guy of about my age and, like me, he isn't from here originally. He was a bit blustery and verbose and deeply thoughtful and I liked him right away. We talked a bit while most everyone else in the room smiled pleasantly and then proceeded to ignore him. He is a very interesting guy and extremely intelligent. What startled me and drew my interest to the point that it made me gasp, is that he told me he lives in a cave.
A real, genuine, hole-in-the-rocks cave. He has been there for about 11 years now. I asked him how many people knew this and he said nobody in this area even knew there was a cave around here...much less a man living in it. He told me were it was and I recognized the area. "You're right", I told him, "I never realized there was a cave there."
We sat down and talk. We talked until the wee hours and much of the next day. We are still talking some now and he is aware that I am writing this series about his life in this cave. I found it fascinating and very thought provoking. The coming posts will hopefully capture you as investigating them captured me.
See you tomorrow

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