Monday, September 1, 2008

You are not Alone

I enjoy tracking my readers from time to time. I don't sign on and obsess about how many hits from each region of the world I get. I don't have a huge map with colored push pins signifying every new reader and I don't have any target numbers to reach.
But the sitemeter information is interesting if only because it shows me the wide ranging variety of people who find my site and it tells me something else interesting...what they were searching for when they found my site.
This morning I logged on after not checking the Internet all weekend and I found several newcomers. One of them touched my heart and I wanted to write this as an sort of extended hello. The person from Brazil whose search words were "Divorced dad's lonely". More and more I am finding guys like this. More and more I am being brought face to face with the truth about what divorce does to a dad. Not that I didn't already know...God knows I do. But I think God has been pointing it out to me a lot lately. Bringing other guys into my little world, cyber or real, to confirm that yes...we do feel like this. To the new reader from gets more tolerable. Not better but more tolerable. There is life out there. We are hurting too and the more guys talk about it the more commonality you will find. It is likely that you are very lonely...but you are not alone.

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